Diagnostic Services

X-Ray Facilities

Imaging and Radiology are the core of decision making of modern healthcare. At MMH we provide all the latest imaging required including X-rays, Color Dopplers, Echocardiography and Ultrasounds.Trained Radiologists are present to provide the expert opinions to our patients.Pathology Laboratory is present supported by qualified and well trained staff. The Lab is supported by senior consultant pathologist to look after the necessary systems ensuring standards of lab quality.


S.No Test Name
MMH-1 Ascending Pyelogram
MMH-2 Abdomen Plain
MMH-3 Ankle Joint AP+Lat
MMH-4 Adenoid Lat
MMH-5 Ba Meal U-GIT
MMH-6 Ba Meal FT
MMH-7 Ba Swallow
MMH-8 Ba Enema
MMH-9 Both Hip Joints AP
MMH-10 Both Hip Joints Oblique
MMH-11 Base of Skull
MMH-12 Chest PA
MMH-13 Chest for Ribs
MMH-14 Cervical Spine AP+Lat
MMH-15 Clavical
MMH-16 Calcanium
MMH-17 Cystogram
MMH-18 Cholangogram
MMH-19 Dorsal Spine
MMH-20 Dorso Lumber Spine
MMH-21 Elbow Joint
MMH-22 Foot AP+Lat
MMH-23 Femur AP+Lat
MMH-24 Forearm AP+Lat
MMH-25 H.S.G
MMH-26 Humrus AP+Lat
MMH-27 Hand AP+Lat
MMH-28 I.V.U
MMH-30 Knee Joint AP+Lat
MMH-31 Knee Joint Sky Line View
MMH-32 Lumber Spine AP+Lat
MMH-33 Myelogram
MMH-34 Mandible AP+Lat
MMH-35 Mastoid
MMH-36 Nasal Bone Lat
MMH-37 Nasopharynx Lat
MMH-38 Oral Cholecystogram
MMH-39 Orbits AP+Lat
MMH-41 Pelvis
MMH-42 Pelvimetery
MMH-43 Sinogram
MMH-44 Sailogram
MMH-45 Skull AP+Lat
MMH-46 Shoulder AP+Lat
MMH-47 Shoulder Axial View
MMH-48 S.I Joints AP+Lat
MMH-49 Sternum AP+Lat
MMH-50 T.M Joint AP+Lat
MMH-51 Wrist Joint AP+Lat
MMH-52 Urithrogram
MMH-53 Venogram


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