Lab Services

X-Ray Facilities

Imaging and Radiology are the core of decision making of modern healthcare. At MMH we provide all the latest imaging required including X-rays, Color Dopplers, Echocardiography and Ultrasounds.Trained Radiologists are present to provide the expert opinions to our patients.Pathology Laboratory is present supported by qualified and well trained staff. The Lab is supported by senior consultant pathologist to look after the necessary systems ensuring standards of lab quality.


S.No Test Name
MMH-1 Alpha Feto Protien
MMH-2 24 Hours Urinary Calcium
MMH-3 24 hrs Creatinine Clearance
MMH-4 24 hrs urinary Copper
MMH-5 24 hrs urinary Creatinine
MMH-6 24 hrs urine Protein
MMH-9 A.S.O Titre
MMH-11 ABG,s (Aterial Blood Gases)
MMH-12 Absolute Eosinophil Count
MMH-13 Absolute Ne utrophil Count
MMH-14 Absolute Values
MMH-15 Adenosine Deaminase
MMH-16 AFB Culture
MMH-17 AFB Stain
MMH-18 Albumin
MMH-19 Aldolase
MMH-20 Alkaline Phosphatase
MMH-21 Amylase
MMH-22 ANCA (Anti Neutrophil Cystoplasmic Antibodies)
MMH-23 Anemia Typing
MMH-25 Anti Cardiolipin (Ab,IgM)
MMH-26 Anti Cardiolipin Ab
MMH-27 Anti Cardiolipin IgM
MMH-28 Anti CCP
MMH-29 Anti DNA Antibodies
MMH-30 Anti DS DNA
MMH-31 Anti Echinococcus Ab
MMH-32 Anti Echinococcus Ab
MMH-33 Anti Endomyesial Antibodies
MMH-34 Anti Gliadin Antibodies
MMH-35 Anti Glutaminase AB
MMH-36 Anti Mitochondrial Ab
MMH-37 Anti Thrombin
MMH-38 Anti Thyroid Peroxidase (Anti TPO)
MMH-39 Anti Transglutaminase IgA
MMH-40 Anti Transglutaminase IgG
MMH-41 Anticardialipin Antibodies
MMH-42 Anticardialipin Antibodies IgG
MMH-43 Anti-GBM
MMH-44 Anti-Mullerian Hormone
MMH-45 Apolipoprotien B (APOB)
MMH-46 Ascitic Fluid C/S
MMH-47 Ascitic Fluid R/E
MMH-48 ASMA (Anti Smooth Muscle Antibody)
MMH-49 Auto Immune Liver Disease Profile (07 Autoantibodies)
MMH-50 B 12
MMH-51 B.Jones Protein
MMH-52 B.T & C.T
MMH-53 Beta - HCG
MMH-54 Bicarbonate
MMH-55 Bile Pigment
MMH-56 Bile Salt
MMH-57 Bilirubin Direct & Indirect
MMH-58 Bilirubin Total
MMH-59 Bleeding Time
MMH-60 Blood Alcohol
MMH-61 Blood C/S
MMH-62 Blood Group
MMH-63 Bone Marrow Aspiration
MMH-64 Bone Marrow- Aspiration
MMH-65 Bone Marrow- Aspiration for 2nd Opinion
MMH-66 Bone Marrow- Processing /Staining
MMH-67 Bone Marrow- Special Stains
MMH-68 Bone Marrow- Trephine (Biopsy)
MMH-69 Bone Marrow- Trephine for 2nd Opinion
MMH-70 Brucella Antibodies
MMH-72 C - Peptide Level
MMH-73 C- Reactive Protein
MMH-74 C.B.C/ Blood C.P
MMH-75 C.E.A
MMH-76 C.M.V IgG
MMH-77 C.M.V IgM
MMH-78 C.S.F R/E
MMH-79 C3
MMH-80 C3 Leval
MMH-81 C4 Level
MMH-82 CA-125
MMH-83 Calcium
MMH-84 Calprotectin
MMH-85 Canabinoides
MMH-86 Candida Albicans IgG
MMH-87 Cardiac Enzymes
MMH-88 CBC for Dengue Test
MMH-89 Ceruloplasmin
MMH-90 Chlamydia Tracomatis Ag
MMH-91 Chloride Serum
MMH-92 Cholesterol
MMH-93 Chylomicrons
MMH-94 Ck - MB
MMH-95 Clotting Time
MMH-96 Coagulation Profile
MMH-97 Coeliac Profile (05 Autoantibodies)
MMH-98 Complement C3, C4
MMH-99 Coombs Test (Direct)
MMH-100 Coombs Test (Indirect)
MMH-101 Copper (CU)
MMH-102 Cortisol
MMH-104 C-Reactive Protein (Quantitative)
MMH-105 Creatinine
MMH-106 Cross Match
MMH-107 Cross Match & Screening
MMH-108 CSF for Culture
MMH-110 Culture- for Nasal Swab
MMH-111 Culture- for Throat Swab
MMH-112 Culture- for Uretheral Swab
MMH-113 Cyclosporine
MMH-114 Cytogenatics- for Fanconi Anaemmia
MMH-115 Cytogenatics- from Bone Marrow
MMH-116 Cytogenatics- from Peripheral Blood
MMH-117 Cytogenatics/Karyotyping
MMH-118 Cytology
MMH-119 D.Dimers
MMH-120 D.H.E.O. SO4
MMH-121 D.L.C
MMH-122 Dengue Antigen
MMH-123 Dengue Virus Antibodies
MMH-124 Digoxin
MMH-125 Ear Swab C/S
MMH-126 Electrolytes
MMH-127 Electrolytes - Extended (Na, K, Cl, Bicarbonate)
MMH-128 Electrophoresis- Urine Protein
MMH-129 ENA Profile (06 Autoantibodies)
MMH-130 Entamoeba Antibodies
MMH-131 Eosinophill Count
MMH-133 Estradiol
MMH-134 Estrogen
MMH-135 F.D.Ps
MMH-136 F.N.A.C
MMH-137 F.S.H
MMH-138 Factor V Leiden
MMH-139 Ferritin
MMH-140 Fibrinogen
MMH-141 Fluid A/G Ratio
MMH-142 Fluid ADA (Adenosine Deaminase)
MMH-143 Fluid Amylase
MMH-144 Fluid for Albumin
MMH-145 Fluid for C/S.
MMH-146 Fluid for Protein
MMH-147 Fluid for Sugar
MMH-148 Fluid R/E
MMH-149 Folic Acid
MMH-150 Free Androgen Index
MMH-151 Free PSA
MMH-152 Fungal Culture
MMH-153 Fungus (KOH) Smear
MMH-154 Fungus Direct Microscope
MMH-155 G- 6 PD
MMH-156 Gamma GT
MMH-157 Gliadin IgA
MMH-158 Gliadin IgG
MMH-159 Globulin
MMH-160 Glucose (2 hrs.PP)
MMH-161 Glucose by Glucometer
MMH-162 Glucose Fasting (BSF)
MMH-163 Glucose Post Dinner
MMH-164 Glucose Post Lunch
MMH-165 Glucose Pre Dinner
MMH-166 Glucose Random
MMH-167 Glucose Tolerance Test
MMH-168 Glycosylated HB
MMH-169 Gram Stain
MMH-170 Growth Hormones
MMH-172 H.I.V (Kit)
MMH-173 H.Pylori Ab
MMH-174 H.Pylori Antigen (stool) Qualitative
MMH-175 H.Pylori IgG Ab (ICT)
MMH-176 Haemoglobin
MMH-177 Haemosidrine
MMH-179 Hb Electrophoresis
MMH-180 HbA1c
MMH-182 HBsAg (Kit)
MMH-183 HCV (Kit)
MMH-184 HCV by PCR (Qualitative)
MMH-185 HCV by PCR (Quantitative)
MMH-186 HCV Genotyping
MMH-187 HDL Cholestrol
MMH-188 Hep B Profile (CoreM, CoreT, HEE Ag, AntiBs)
MMH-189 Hep C Ag
MMH-190 Hep. A IgG
MMH-191 Hep. A IgM
MMH-192 Hep. B by PCR (Qualitative)
MMH-193 Hep. B by PCR (Quantitative)
MMH-194 Hep. B Core Antibody (HBcAb)
MMH-195 Hep. B e Antibody (HBeAb)
MMH-196 Hep. B e Antigen (HBeAg)
MMH-197 Hep.B Surface Ab.(Anti HBS)
MMH-198 Hepatitis B & C (Kit)
MMH-199 Hepatitis B Profile
MMH-200 Hepatitis E IgG
MMH-201 Hepatitis E IgM
MMH-202 High Sensitive CRP
MMH-203 Histopathalogy (Small)
MMH-204 Histopathology (Large)
MMH-205 Homocystine
MMH-207 HSV l & ll IgM
MMH-208 HVS for Culture
MMH-209 Hydroxy Progestrone
MMH-210 I.N.R
MMH-211 ICT- M.P (Malaria)
MMH-212 ICT- TB (Tuberculosis)
MMH-213 IgA
MMH-214 IgE
MMH-215 IgG
MMH-216 IgM
MMH-217 IHC (AE-1/AE-3)
MMH-219 IHC (any 4 stains)
MMH-221 IHC (Calritinin)
MMH-222 IHC (CD-10)
MMH-223 IHC (CD-117)
MMH-224 IHC (CD-20)
MMH-225 IHC (CD-3)
MMH-226 IHC (CD-34)
MMH-227 IHC (CD-45)
MMH-228 IHC (CD-5)
MMH-229 IHC (CD-66e)
MMH-230 IHC (Chromogranine)
MMH-231 IHC (CK-20)
MMH-232 IHC (CK-7)
MMH-233 IHC (Desmin)
MMH-234 IHC (ER/PR/Her2N)
MMH-235 IHC (Estrogen Receptor)
MMH-236 IHC (Her 2 New)
MMH-237 IHC (Progesterone Receptor)
MMH-240 IHC (S-100 Protein)
MMH-241 IHC (TTF-1)
MMH-242 IHC (Vimentin)
MMH-243 Immunoglobulins
MMH-244 India Ink for CSF
MMH-245 Insulin
MMH-246 Insulin Like Growth Fractor 1
MMH-247 Intrinsic Factor Ab
MMH-248 Iron
MMH-249 Iron & TIBC
MMH-250 Knee Fluid R/E
MMH-251 L.D.H
MMH-252 L.H
MMH-253 LDL Cholestrol
MMH-254 LE Cell
MMH-255 Leishmania Donovani
MMH-256 Leishmania Tropica
MMH-257 LFTs
MMH-258 Lipase
MMH-259 Lipid Profile
MMH-260 Lipoprotien A (Lpa)
MMH-261 Lithium Level
MMH-262 Liver Kidney Microsomal Ab
MMH-263 Lupus Anticoagulant
MMH-264 Magnesium
MMH-265 Malarial Parasite (M.P)
MMH-266 Mantoux Test
MMH-267 Microfilariae
MMH-268 Mono Spot Test
MMH-269 Morphine In Urine
MMH-270 Muscle Enzymes (Aldolase,CPK,LDH)
MMH-271 Muscle Enzymes (CPK, GOT, LDH, Aldolase)
MMH-272 Mycodot Test
MMH-273 O.G.T.T
MMH-274 Osmotic Fragility
MMH-275 P.C.V
MMH-276 P.S.A
MMH-277 P.T (Prothrombin Time)
MMH-278 PAP Smear
MMH-279 Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)
MMH-280 Parietal Cell Ab
MMH-281 Peripheralb Film
MMH-282 Peritonial C/S
MMH-283 Peritonial Fluid R/E
MMH-284 Phosphorus
MMH-285 Plasma Renin Level
MMH-286 Platelet Aggregation Studies for Therapeutic Monitoring (Aspirin & Clopidogeral)
MMH-287 Platelets Count
MMH-288 Plural Fluid C/S
MMH-289 Plural Fluid R/E
MMH-290 Potassium
MMH-291 Pro C Global
MMH-292 Pro NT BNP
MMH-293 Progestron
MMH-294 Prolactin
MMH-295 Protien Electrophoresis
MMH-296 PRP Centifuge
MMH-297 Pus for C/S
MMH-298 Pus for R/E
MMH-299 QuantiFERON (R) - TB Gold
MMH-300 R.B.C Count
MMH-301 R-A Factor
MMH-302 RA Factor (Quantitative)
MMH-303 RBC Folate
MMH-304 RBC Morphology
MMH-305 Retics Count
MMH-306 Reticulocytes Count
MMH-307 RFTs
MMH-308 R-H Antibody
MMH-309 Rubella IgG
MMH-310 Rubella IgM
MMH-311 S.G.O.T
MMH-312 S.G.P.T
MMH-313 Secreening (Hep.B, C & HIV )
MMH-314 Semen C/S
MMH-315 Semen R/E
MMH-316 Serum Immunoglobulins level
MMH-317 Serum Ketone
MMH-318 Serum Lithium
MMH-319 Serum Osmolality
MMH-320 Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
MMH-321 Sicking Test
MMH-322 Sickling Test
MMH-323 Sputum AFB
MMH-324 Sputum for C/S
MMH-325 Stent for C/S
MMH-326 Stone Analysis
MMH-327 Stool C/S
MMH-328 Stool Cryptosporidium
MMH-329 Stool for Occult Blood
MMH-330 Stool for PH
MMH-331 Stool R/E
MMH-332 Stool Reducing Sunstance
MMH-333 Sudun Black Staining
MMH-334 Swab for c/s
MMH-335 T.I.B.C
MMH-336 T.L.C
MMH-337 T.P.H.A
MMH-338 T3 Total
MMH-339 T4 Free
MMH-340 T4 Total
MMH-342 Tegretol
MMH-343 Testosterone
MMH-344 Throat C/S
MMH-345 Thrombophilia Profile
MMH-346 Thyrogloblin Ab
MMH-347 Thyroglobulin Ab
MMH-348 Thyroid Antibody
MMH-349 Thyroid Profile (T4,TSH)
MMH-350 Tip of Drain C/S
MMH-351 TORCH Profile
MMH-352 TORCH Secreening
MMH-353 Total Protein
MMH-354 Toxoplasma IgG
MMH-355 Toxoplasma IgM
MMH-356 Tranferrin Saturation
MMH-357 Triglycerides
MMH-358 Troponin l
MMH-359 Trop-T Test
MMH-361 Typhidot
MMH-362 Urea
MMH-363 Uric Acid
MMH-364 Urine AFB
MMH-365 Urine Albumin
MMH-366 Urine Albumin / Creatinine Ratio
MMH-367 Urine Amphetamine
MMH-368 Urine C/S
MMH-369 Urine Cannabinoides
MMH-370 Urine Cytology
MMH-371 Urine for Amylase
MMH-372 Urine for B.J Protien
MMH-373 Urine for Calcium- 24hrs
MMH-374 Urine for Calcium- spot
MMH-375 Urine for Cortisol- 24 hrs
MMH-376 Urine for Cortisol- Spot
MMH-377 Urine for Creatinine- 24 hrs
MMH-378 Urine for Creatinine- Spot
MMH-379 Urine for Electrolytes- 24hrs
MMH-380 Urine for Electrolytes- Spot
MMH-381 Urine for Hb
MMH-382 Urine for Magnesium- 24hrs
MMH-383 Urine for Magnesium- Spot
MMH-384 Urine for Microalbumin Uria- 24hrs
MMH-385 Urine for Microalbumin Uria- Spot
MMH-386 Urine for Osmolality
MMH-387 Urine for Phosphorous- 24 hrs
MMH-388 Urine for Phosphorous- Spot
MMH-389 Urine For Pregnancy Test
MMH-390 Urine for Protein- 24hrs
MMH-391 Urine for Protein- Spot (Quantitative)
MMH-392 Urine for Reducing Substances
MMH-393 Urine for Urea/BUN- 24hrs
MMH-394 Urine for Urea/BUN- Spot
MMH-395 Urine for Uric Acid- 24 hrs
MMH-396 Urine for Uric Acid- Spot
MMH-397 Urine Glucose
MMH-398 Urine Ketones
MMH-399 Urine Micro albumin TO Creatinine Ratio
MMH-400 Urine Opiates
MMH-401 Urine Osmolality
MMH-402 Urine PH
MMH-403 Urine R/E
MMH-404 V.D.R.L
MMH-405 V.M.A (Vinylmandlic Acid Urine)
MMH-406 Valporic Acid (Epilum)
MMH-407 Vitamin B-12
MMH-408 Vitamin D3 (25 OH)
MMH-410 Widal Test
MMH-411 Z.N Stain

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